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10 Ideas For Bridesmaid Gifts

from jimbodownie

Your wedding day is approaching and you have picked out your wedding jewelry, written your vows, booked the caterer, and reserved the limo along with a million and a half other things on your to do list. But have you purchased the gifts for your bridesmaids yet?

If not, don’t panic, as there are many quick and simple things that can be purchased for the girls who will be standing by your side. Whether you are on a budget or the sky is the limit for you, there are many items that make wonderful bridesmaids gifts.

Take a look at the following ten bridesmaid gift ideas and you wil,l without a doubt, find something that jumps out at you. Just make sure that you always add a little personal touch to each gift to show how much you really appreciate each and every one of your bridesmaids.

•Spa Gift Card.
This can be any dollar amount from twenty-five dollars and up for a local spa in your area. This will give them a way to relax after wearing those heels all night long.

•Bath and Body Oils and Soaps.
Maybe your girls will not want to spend a day at a spa but they could always enjoy pampering themselves a little bit at home.

•Engraved Jewelry Box.
This is a nice way for them to store the bridesmaid jewelry they wore. Engrave the box with their name or the date of the wedding.

You can buy them jewelry for the wedding or could pick up a special bracelet or pair of earrings that could be worn at any time.

•Photo Album.
Leave it empty or add in a few pictures of you and each bridesmaid at the shower. Just make sure to leave plenty of room for photos from the wedding.

•Photo Frames.
These are always a popular choice. Silver frames are generally the best and engraving can be done to these as well.

•Goodie Bag Full of Goodies.
This bag could be filled with perfumes, lotions, sprays, jewelry, gift cards, and anything else that you want. It is a great way to give your bridesmaids a little bit of everything.

•Group Trip For a Manicure and Pedicure.
This is a fabulous way to get all of the girls together after the wedding. They can relax, get pampered, and share wedding day stories.

•Girls Night Out.
Grab a bite to eat, watch a movie, or go dancing. Now that the wedding day is over you and your bridesmaids can kick back and have a little wild fun together. Or do it before, but it doesn’t count as your shower

•A Cute Handbag.
If there is one thing a girl cannot get enough of, it’s handbags. Keep it empty or fill it with treats or special goodies. This is a gift that the bridesmaids will get a lot of use out of.

With so many options, it may seem at first glance to be difficult to make a decision. But you know your group of friends better than anyone else. Once you start putting a little thought into it, you will see how easy it is to find the perfect bridesmaids gifts for them.

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