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Planning My Wedding – Sharing Some Wedding Planning Advice With Everyone

Planning My Wedding
from smoothdude

I too had great ideas in mind about my wedding alike all of you. Planning my wedding wasn’t really easy for me and my hubby as we had a real tough time. As there are so many important as well as little issues to be considered, one might often miss out on some points as it happened to me as well. So before you start planning, take a piece of paper and a pen and ink down all the factors that demands consideration. I don’t intend to say that you are forgetful, but wedding plans are such that you might as well have a slip of mind like I did.

Some tips are noted below for your consideration:

– Start with the wedding date. After deciding on the date, you can proceed further.

– Plan your wedding budget, especially if you are planning a cheap wedding; consider the ring, the venue, the gown, the guest, the food, the décor, the invitations and everything else that comes to your mid. Ah! The wedding cake. It slipped out of my kind again!

– Purchase the engagement ring as it is the most precious gift that you can give to your spouse-to-be. Choose a ring that suits your spouse and pick it up.

– The guest list for your wedding is very important. Fix the numbers and that would help you in further panning.

– Plan the wedding invitations; look for the cards that you need to send and how many pieces are required.

– The venue for your wedding reception is an imperative factor. You need to carefully choose the reception venue that fits your budget and the standard that you wish to maintain as well. Also, the venue must accommodate all your guests and that’s very important. Whether the place is comfortable or not, whether the hosts are pleasant enough are certain factors to be considered.

– The wedding gown needs to be chosen minutely as well. As it is also equally precious as the wedding ring, the lady would take some time to settle down for it. Choose the gown, look into the designs and have the best outfit for your special day.

– The menu needs to be good as well. Plan the menu with respect to the likes and dislikes of your guests; you can take some tips from your friends as well. Also have a word with the kitchen staff about their specializations and plan the best wedding menu.

Flowers are very important for every wedding and I did take great care of the flower section while planning my wedding. The flowers must match your wedding theme. You need to explain your desires to the florist who would be decorating the venue. The flowers should complement the overall décor as well.

– The wedding cake is special and chooses a flavor that everyone likes. Chocolate. Yes, it’s always the best. The cake must be well decorated as well to suit the ambience.

– The wedding music needs to be grand according to your theme. Select the best style; soft and romantic suits a wedding. That’s what I tried while I was planning my wedding.

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4 Responses to “Planning My Wedding – Sharing Some Wedding Planning Advice With Everyone”

  1. 1
    Examples of Wedding Bouquets Says:

    […] Planning My Wedding – Sharing Some Wedding Planning  […]

  2. 2
    Tina@Christian books online Says:

    Great Post! 🙂 When my husband and I got married I think we spent 2,000 for everything including the honeymoon. We got married outside in nature so it was FREE! skipped the reception and had a family gathering later!
    We saved a bunch!

  3. 3
    John Yeo Says:

    @Tina, wow 2000 is worth it and I am sure you can use the money for your family and marriage! =)

  4. 4
    Manoj@Steel Buildings Says:

    Thanks for sharing it and really it is very helpful.

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