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Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget? Here Are 5 Tips to Planning a Cheap Wedding

dream wedding
from angelav

Wedding is a dream, wedding is a desire; people often have too many emotions attached to their wedding and therefore it ought to be a grand one. The many steps to planning a wedding will be very overwhelming, especially you could be hearing the many wedding planning advice.

Not all of us can plan for such grand weddings as we see in the television. For us, our wedding has to be a simple affair and grand in its own unique way. Remember, it’s us who makes a wedding an event of a lifetime and not the décor. So planning a cheap wedding can be a great idea.

In today’s scenario, an average wedding cost about $20,000 and the wedding business is a $25.3 billion industry. But you need not be upset with such huge figures as there are better ways of planning your wedding as well and within your budget that is. That would keep your wedding dreams alive and would also make things special for you, as you always wanted it. All this requires a bit of guidance and a couple of handy tips for your assistance and we have it all here just for you on planning a wedding on a small budget…..

Tip#1: The Reception

For the very first wedding planning advice, lets discuss about the venue of reception. This can be the most expensive affair of the whole affair, so you must be careful while choosing the venue for the wedding. Try to keep the venue a simple affair; be it the local garden or the park. These locations usually come for free. Have a discussion with the localities and the plan accordingly. If you feel that you need a banquet hall, choose to settle down for the less expensive ones and spend more in décor. That’s like planning a cheap wedding.

Tip#2: The Guest List

For the next important tip on planning a wedding on a small budget, you need not invite every passerby who smiles at you. Instead, just keep your guest list short and don’t exceed beyond 190. You need not invite such family members whom you’ve not seen for ages. Just invite those family members and friends whom you meet on a regular basis or at least once in two months.

Tip#3: The Wedding Gown

Wedding gowns are special and the most precious thing for every woman. Most of the ladies prefer not to share their wedding gowns with anyone, though they wear it just once in their lifetime. How about trying your mother’s wedding gown, with some changes in the embroidery and design work? That would be special and very sentimental as well. Your mother would love it and so would you!!

Tip#4: Photography

Well, photography can also be expensive if you intend to hire a professional photographer. Instead of that, you can ask any of your family members to take the responsibility the youngsters are great photographers, see if your brother wants to do it, or your cousin. Just make them feel responsible and a part of your wedding and save costs.

Tip#5: Other Expenses

Cards, invitations, stationery, flowers and so many things are required for a wedding. Plan whatever you would need in advance and try to do the shopping all by yourself. If you don’t get the time, ask a friend to help you out, or a family may be. Flowers can be very expensive, so choose carefully. You can also have it from the garden; the choice is yours. Invitations can be kept simple as well. The cake, well if your friend’s wife is good with baking, gives her the responsibility.

There are ways to save you when you are planning a wedding on a small budget. You just need to pay attention to small things that make huge bills for you and that would be like planning a cheap wedding.

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7 Responses to “Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget? Here Are 5 Tips to Planning a Cheap Wedding”

  1. 1
    modern wedding invitations Says:

    a very well written article. I like it. As a matter of fact I digg’d it already

  2. 2
    Bill@wedding gifts Says:

    Great advice about weddings.

  3. 3
    John Yeo Says:

    Thanks alot…with the economy recession…we want our readers to save as much as possible for their wedding. =)

  4. 4
    spot@honeymoon resorts Says:

    Nice list.

    Having a buffet, as opposed to table service, for the reception dinner can save a lot as well.

  5. 5
    Mino@Caduta Capelli Says:

    Nice list. It’s possible to have a great wedding day without spending too much. It needs just one ingredient: Love!

  6. 6
    Martha@Wedding Ideas Says:

    If you do all the preparations with true feeling, you are sure to create the magic whatsoever be your budget.

  7. 7
    Carol@Wedding Ideas Says:

    If you do all the preparation with true feelings, you are sure to create magic whatsoever be your budget.

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