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Tan Yoong will create a Wedding Gown for the Day You’ve Always Fantasized Of

Tan Yoong Weddings

4. Tan Yoong

We all have a bit of underlying erotic mysticism in us, and Tan Yoong gowns are designed to bring it out, but somehow in a classic and sophisticated way. Tan Yoong is a designer that is sought out by brides who want a fantasy wedding and a gown to accentuate it. The gowns are stunning white wedding gowns that use fabrics and design elements that make the gown your very own, and it should be because all of Tan Yoong?s wedding gowns are designed specifically for you.

Who is Tan Yoong?

Tan Yoong has been a highly celebrated designer for more than 20 years. In 1995, he was asked to design a wedding gown for the bride to be to the son of former President Ong Teng Cheong of Singapore. The gown was enough to inspire Tan Yoong to create a line of bridal gowns for the following year. Yoong has long been the designer of couture and this is apparent in his bridal designs as well.

Tan Yoong?s artistic career didn?t start with fashion design. Yoong is a painter and an award winning artist from the days when he directed the art department of a large advertising firm. Whether it comes from his days of an advertising executive or his keen eye as a painter, or it is perhaps yet another artistic talent, Tan Yoong understands women. He understands their needs and desires to be mysterious and mystical. This understanding shows in Yoong?s designs, including his bridal wear.

Styles of Tan Yoong

The styles of Tan Yoong?s wedding gowns are unique in that they look like something you would see in an epic fantasy movie. These are gowns that we only dream about but never think we can have, let alone to wear on the most important day of our lives. The fabrics shimmer and flow, as if they are fluid. The fit is perfect to accentuate every beautiful curve of a woman?s body. The gowns are truly mystical and will make you feel as if you are living your dream on your wedding day.

If you are going to have a fantasy wedding you are going to have to pay for it, and with Tan Yoong designs you most certainly get what you pay for. His gowns are worth every penny, and then some. Tan?s customers recommend him to their friends and even to people they have never met. They can?t stop talking about their wedding gown when they speak of their special day. Your guests won?t ever forget the bride, either, after watching you float to the altar in your Tan Yoong design.

Is Advance Ordering Suggested?

Tan Yoong suggests allowing about eight months after your consultation for him to design the perfect wedding gown for you. This seems like a long time, but understand that Yoong is a perfectionist and won?t make your gown until it is perfectly designed and he has the perfect fabrics. Tan Yoong travels the globe in search of fabrics and design elements for each and every gown he designs.

Many brides are just as concerned with the personality of the designer as they are with the gown itself. They will choose a designer that they click with, that they feel comfortable talking to and telling all of their desires for their dream wedding. Tan Yoong doesn?t disappoint. He is as nice as he is a great designer, this is apparent when searching the internet and finding him chatting on message boards with other designers, photographers, and others interested in fashion or who have just become engaged. He will work with you, as well as for you, to ensure that the gown he designs is not just perfection in his eyes, but more importantly in yours.

What do the Customers have to say?

Customers praise his etiquette and personality, and talk extensively about the way he?s worked with them to make a gown that fits perfectly, looks great on their body type, and feels as wonderful as it looks. One of the most asked questions about Yoong?s designs is about the cost. Some say if you have to ask you can?t afford, but even more of his customers will tell you that if you give Tan your budget, he will work with you and design a beautiful gown to fit your needs.

Yoong is famous for classic, simple elegance in his designs, and this can be achieved on a budget. Don?t get me wrong, you?re not going to get off-the-rack prices when you have a gown designed by Tan Yoong, but if you have a good budget for your wedding and are willing to spend a bit of it to have a gown that is certain to make the bride the most beautiful and memorable part of the wedding (as she should be), then give Tan Yoong?s studio a call.

Tan Yoong has been so busy designing bridal wear that he hasn?t released a new collection for 17 years, until now. His much anticipated Dazzling Rhapsody collection was unleashed at the Singapore Fashion Festival in March. The designs are red carpet worthy and follow right in line with Yoong?s couture styling of yesterday. Absolutely fabulous is the general consensus.

But if you want a wedding gown off the racks of the Dazzling Rhapsody collection you are probably out of luck. For your wedding gown you will have to make an appointment. Don?t wait too long to do it, either. You?ll want to get started about a year or so before the wedding date to make sure that Yoong has time to do his thing and allow time for the final fittings and touches.

You can also employ Tan Yoong?s studio to take care of other wedding plans as well. They will help you design your complete wedding day look. They?ll help with your hair and make-up, the flowers, and the photography. Photography is another of Tan Yoong?s passions and he will personally direct your photo session to make sure that you have a wedding portfolio that is artistic and beautiful that you will share with everyone you know and cherish for a lifetime.

As soon as you say ?Yes!? head over to Tan Yoong?s website to get an idea of the gowns he designs. You can find them at www.tanyoong.com. While you are there, check out the reviews section and read what the leading bridal and women?s magazines in the region are saying about him, as well as a very nice letter from a New York bride who made the trip to Singapore for one of Tan Yoong?s designs. But the most important thing to check out at the site are the photos of the wedding gowns under the Brides link. These gowns are simply breathtaking and upon viewing them you will certainly be looking for the contact information to call or e-mail them to set up a consultation.

Where are the Studio?s Located?

The studio can be found among the prestigious shopping of Orchard Road in Singapore. When you get there you will recognize Tan Yoong by his big, warm smile and his signature black cap, and you may have the pleasure of meeting his assistants as well. Your experience at Tan Yoong?s salon is sure to make you feel comfortable that you have made the right choice, the only choice of wedding gown designers. You will not walk away disappointed. Once you see the gowns in the studio, you might not want to walk away at all. You will want to try every one on and you will be equally amazed at the style and feel of each one.

Tan Yoong will design a gown that meets your every wish and need. A gown that is as mystical as your every fantasy suggests it should be. You will feel as if you are the object of your groom?s every dream, and you will be once he sees you in a Tan Yoong gown. He will not be able to take his eyes off of you from the moment you walk down the aisle until the day you are laid to rest.

Your Tan Yoong wedding gown will create a lifetime of loving fantasy between you and your new life partner. If you want the wedding that you have fantasized about since you were a little girl, and you want to look the part, too, you simply must consider Tan Yoong to design your wedding gown.

Call Tan Yoong at +65-6734-3783 and tell them that Romance-Fire.com sent you.

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