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17 Beautiful & Original Hollywood Celebrity Hairstyles

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from nicorawedding

It?s a common wish among brides to get the star treatment on their wedding day. This is a pivotal moment in their life, after all. Every bride wants her big day to be perfect and will spend months- even years- planning wardrobes for the bridal party, floral arrangements, and a reception hall menu. Many times, brides will discover that their dreams for a story book wedding far overshoot a feasible budget for the event, leaving reason for many to find ways to cut back on the costs of some of the wedding necessities.

One way to look for cost-cutting ideas often surprises people: Look towards the stars.

Because the brides are the ?star of the show? at every wedding, it?s no surprise that many turn to celebrity brides for ideas. The most commonly borrowed (and readily affordable) piece of celebrity borrowed from big-name brides is the hairstyles, and while many expect lavish styles that will take hours and drive up hairdresser fees, they?re wrong.

One thing us non-celebrities can learn from big-name brides is that the simpler the better on your wedding day. Many famous brides have opted to keep their wedding hair simple, freeing time to enjoy family and friends and less hassle when it comes to taking the hair down during the far more important post-wedding hours to come.

In fact, many celebrity wedding hairstyles are so simple that some brides have found they are easily done by friends or family members cutting out the cost of hairdresser fees all together on the big day.

In this article, I will outline this point using some of most popular celebrity wedding hairstyles to date.

? Christina Applegate. When Christina Applegate married now ex husband Johnathon Schaech in October of 2001, she went classy, but simple. Christina is one of the lucky women blessed with very delicate facial features, so a lot of work to her hair would have taken away from the natural beauty of her face. To compliment her gown and make up, Christina opted to pull back the top and sides of her hair into a clip on the back of her head with veil attached. Her stylist added a few stray curls, completing Christina?s elegant look.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from riveri35

? Carmen Electra. Carmen is often known for her sultry sex appeal, but she borrowed a page from Christina?s book and went classy for her wedding to now ex-husband Dave Navarro in November 2003. Carmen?s long hair was for the most part left down with large spiral curls except her bangs. Her bangs were pulled straight back from her face into her veil on top of her head. The veil and hair framed Carmen?s face, giving her a classical beauty.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from virginmedia.com

? Jessica Simpson. Jessica?s wedding to now-ex Nick Lachey in summer of 2003 was one of the most talked about weddings in recent history, due in part to Jessica?s very public views on premarital sex and desire to be a virgin bride. Jessica was the reflection of purity at her fairytale wedding, and the hair was a key part of the look. Because Nick and Jessica both prefer her hair down, stylist Ken Paves simply textured her natural locks with some product and scrunching and clipped a few stray pieces from the front back with some antique broaches.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from pricescope.com

? Marley Shelton. Actress Marley Shelton, best known for her roles in Bubble Boy, Valentine, and Grindhouse, married producer husband Beau Flynn in July of 2001 in a classically themed ceremony. Much like Jessica, Marley wanted her wedding to have an old-timey feel. The theme for Marley?s wedding was the 1920?s era, so stylist Ken Paves got called upon yet again to complete the look with a gorgeous finger-waved chignon reminiscent of the era.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from instyle.com

? Eva Longoria. Eva, like Jessica, opted to only pull a few stray hairs back from her face during her Paris style wedding to husband and basketball star Tony Parker in 2007. Instead of broaches, though, Eva opted for four 15-carat diamond hair clips. Because most wedding budgets don?t allow for such hair accessories, it is now possible to purchase similar clips made from rhinestones at many retailers online. Once Eva?s hair was clipped back, her added large spiral curls to the bottoms of her hair and framing her face to complete the look.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from beautynomics.com

? Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez preferred the more classical up-do for her wedding to singer Marc Anthony in 2008, so her stylist pulled the top of her hair back away from her face and twisted the hair upwards, leaving a roll on the back of her head and a poof on top. To finish the look, he used diamond pins (similar to those Eva Longoria used) to accent. A few strands were left down to frame Jennifer?s face, and the look was complete.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from glamforless.com

? Nikki Cox. When Nikki Cox married fellow actor Jay Mohr in 2006, she also opted for an up-do, but not quite the same as Mrs. Marc Anthony?s. Instead, Nikki?s stylist used a low up-do and left her bangs and some strands around the face wispy and loose around her face. The hair that was pulled back was curled tightly into a loose bun on the lower back of Nikki?s head, creating an old-timey, but gorgeous finishing touch to her bridal look.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from cbsnews.com

? Katie Holmes. Katie?s relationship to scientology advocate and actor hubby Tom Cruise has been high-profile from the beginning and has become a source for media madness, so it?s no surprise that her 2006 wedding garnered thousands waiting with bated breath to see the bride on her big day. Not that anyone ever doubted, but she was every bit as beautiful as people had hoped she would be. The trick? Keep it simple. Katie?s stylist actually did very little to style her hair, other than simply pulling back the front and letting her natural beauty shine through!

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from newsday.com

? Julianne Moore. When this Emmy and Golden Globe winning actress wed her husband, Bart Freundlich in 2003 after a five-year engagement, it?s no surprise that she also kept it simple and stress free at her long-awaited celebration. Julianne requested that her stylist not doing any clipping or tying back at all, but instead had him add a few large curls. The appeal of Julianne?s trademark red hair did the rest, resulting in a beautiful and classical bridal look and a bride that looked far younger than her forty-three years.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from youlookfab.com

? Victoria Beckham. Victoria offers a wedding hair idea for brides with shorter than your average celebrity cuts. In 1999 when former Posh-Spice Victoria married athlete hubby, David, in Luttrelstown Castle, Ireland, she was sporting a short do. But short hair doesn?t have to limit your wedding look! Victoria?s stylist clipped some of the hair from around her face back and used product to give it a sexy shine and a tastefully unique look of its own.

? Gwen Stefani. Gwen has always been known for her unique taste, and her 2002 wedding to long-time rocker boyfriend Gavin Rosedale was a shining example of such, including everything from an outdoor, Japanese feel to a parti-colored white and pink wedding gown. Her platinum blonde hair had to be equally unique to keep up, so Gwen?s stylist did what some have referred to as ?the braid hock.? Gwen?s bangs were clipped back into what has now become her signature poof while the rest was French braided down, then French-braided up creating a mo-hawk of braids along the rocker-bride?s head. While the look may sound a little TOO unique for the likes of most brides, it actually was very elegant with the veil clipped just behind the bangs.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from washingtonpost.com

? Avril Lavigne. When Avril married her rocker beau, Deryck Whibley, in a low-key 2005 Catholic ceremony in Montecito, California, the usually punk-rock princess turned to a more fairytale princess look to call her own. Avril?s usually darker colored hair was bleached platinum blonde for the ceremony and left down with wispy curls and just a little bit of hair shimmer, giving her the Barbie-doll look that all little girls dream of for their big day.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from instyleweddings.com

? Elizabeth Hurley. When Elizabeth Hurley married hubby Arun Nayar in a 2007 ceremony in India, she went for down and elegant, as well, by keeping her bangs and hair natural with no added curl. The only change her stylist did was clip the top of her hair back into a diamond tiara that matched her dangling diamond earrings.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from dailymail.co.uk

? Princess Diana. When Princess Diana married Prince Charles in a royal ceremony in 1981, many were awe-struck by her beauty, although her hair was actually quite simple. At the time, Diana sported a short, choppy look to her hair. She simply curled the ends, giving her hair a wavy look and added a very elaborate tiara that accented her gold wedding gown and diamond earrings.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from mailonsunday.co.uk

? Demi Moore. In Demi?s much talked about third wedding to younger man Ashton Kutcher in 2005, she was one of the few celebrities to actually use an up-do for her big day. Demi?s stylist left no hair hanging in front and clipped all of it back into a high bun. Once her veil was draped over her pulled-back tresses, the look was complete, leaving Demi looking every bit as vibrant and young as her man!

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from purseblog.com

? Julia Roberts. When Julia Roberts married cameraman Daniel Moder in 2002, the one-time runaway bride stuck to her signature classy look with a more conventional bridal bun-do. The hair was pulled loosely back into a large, loose bun that covered most of the back of her head. No bangs or extra strands were left hanging around the face, but were instead pulled back by a tiara that sat along the gorgeous red-head?s hairline, framing her delicately featured face.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from chinadaily.com.cn

? Liv Tyler. Liv has long been admired for her ability to keep things simple and classical despite her rock and roll upbringing, and her low-key wedding to Royston Langdon in Manhattan in 2003 was no different. The soft-spoken actress wore just the top and sides of her hair pulled back into a twisted bun that was held together by an antique gold broach while the rest of her hair hung naturally down her back. Her bangs were clipped straight along her eyebrows to frame her oval-shaped face, accenting her sultry lips and creating a fairy tale look for this princess of rock.

celebrity wedding hairstyle
photo from viewimages.com

Borrowing these simple, but gorgeous hair tips from celebrity brides will not only save a bride time on her wedding day, but will also cut back on the stress and worry of keeping over-styled hair in place and the wedding budget at a manageable place.
One should always remember that diamond earrings are the perfect accent to make any hairstyle appear elegant for your wedding day, and the more a bride looks like her true self, the better. She is who the groom fell in love with, after all.

It is also important to remember the style of the gown and veil, as certain hairstyles are more suited to certain face shapes and dress styles than others. Any hairdresser can assist in choosing a style that will work best for your individual needs.
Whatever style you choose, remember the real reason for the celebration. Nothing looks more beautiful on a person than true love, pride in their partner, and a smile. You?ll be beautiful no matter what!

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    Andrea Moore@best movies Says:

    One name missing from your list – Jennifer Aniston. Who could forget her famous Friends bob? Now she’s in the news for spending $100000 on haircuts during the promotion of Marley and Me. A true trend-setter for hairstyles.

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    girl purse Says:

    look at these women

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    girl purse Says:

    look at these women! nice clothes too.

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    Joey Says:

    Elizabeth Harley is really the sexiest one here and has the coolest hair style

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    Jack@Scientology Pittsburgh Says:

    Yeah, you’re right! It’s pretty amazing how much goes into making someone look nice.

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    Rose Banks Says:

    Elizabeth Harley looks absolutely gorgeous!

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    boston wedding photography Says:

    Princess Diana is just so beautiful. I like how her hair suits her pretty face.

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