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Unique Wedding Gift Idea

wedding gift frame
photo from bridesmaid-gifts

If you really have the best interest of the couples at heart, you would want to provide something valuable for their future.

What about giving them a company or part of a company as a wedding gift?

Seemed far fetched isn’t it?

But this is one of the most unique wedding gift idea I have seen so far.

Buy a share in a frame.

Now, you can buy a share from any publicly traded company such as Tiffany & Co., Bank America Corp and if I am the bride, I will be thrilled when my friends buy me a piece of a company.

Imagine the expression on the bride’s face when you told her she owns a company now.

If you are looking for unique anniversary gift too, you can consider this idea.

The stock certificates are all real legal documents and will have their value as long as the company is around.

I think shareinaframe.com certainly provides one of the most unique groomsmen gift. As guests, we always have the problem of sourcing and guessing which gifts are favored by the wedding couples.

Sadly speaking, over 80% wedding gifts are either casted away in the storeroom or given away soon after as the couples find no use of them.

But will you throw you the stock certifcate that proves you own a part of a company?

I doubt so.

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