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Wedding On A Sail Boat

wedding sail boat
photo from lana_dashevsky

Can you imagine saying your wedding vows as the sea breeze gently brushes pass your face and your veil dancing in the wind out in the sea?

I think it is a wedding of dream and very few wedding couples can really afford it.

I am talking having your wedding in a completely different venue and embracing yourself in a totally new wedding experience.

Yes, I am talking about sailing and having your wedding at the same time.

Owning an expensive yacht is thing of the past as now you can get to have your very own wedding without owning the sail boat.

The sail boat is cosy and big enough to house the very few important people such as your family members and the minister.

Now, there is no need to own your sail boat just to have a wedding on it.

Have you heard of fractional sailing?

Fractional sailing allows you to rent a luxury yacht at a fraction of the price of owning and maintaining a sail boat.

You get to spend your entire day partying after your little wedding ceremony on board and return the yacht the next day.

Now, catering comes with the renting of the yacht and there is no need to worry about the food.

If I can afford it, I will definitely opt for a wedding in a sail boat experience. And I am sure many years down the road, my guests will be as thrilled as I am when we recall our very unique wedding experience.

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