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18 Beautiful Wedding Gifts Choices You Probably Haven’t Known

wedding gifts
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Wedding, the most joyous ceremony, it is very special for the couple getting married. If your beloved one is about to be married, then it is obvious that you will brainstorm for wedding gift ideas. You need to present a unique gift for the wedding of your near and dear ones, as it is a very special occasion in their life.

The gift you present should be something different and personalized so that the couple remembers you forever. Before you choose a wedding gift, you should first know the likes and dislikes of the couple who are being wedded. The value of your gift is not determined by the price you pay but by the love and affection, you express through your gift.

When you are out for purchasing a wedding gift, you can find that numerous choices are available in the market. You may not want to present a normal gift for wedding but you would be searching for specialized gifts matching the taste of the couple. If you want to present a unique heart warming gift for your dear ones, you need to do little homework and put in some effort.

Today, all the couples have their wedding wish list that contains a list of their preferred wedding gifts. If you are able to get access to that list, then you can easily decide on the gift you are going to present by choosing the one from the list that fits your budget. With the online shopping facility, you can get the best gift from any part of the world without traveling to that place.

1. If you are very close to the couple who are getting married, you can sponsor a part of their wedding plan. You can take care of entertainment part of the wedding or you can sponsor the drinks for the guests. When you sponsor the entertainment, make sure that you bring in excellent musicians and DJs and some extra entertainment stuff that would be remembered not only by the couple but also by the guests.

2. Personalized gifts can be the best choice for presenting to your closest friend who is getting married. You can buy a pair of watches with the names of the couple engraved on them. This will make them feel special and will show them how much you care for them. If you are on a high budget, you can choose gold watches. Bracelets with engraved names are a good choice for personalized wedding gifts.

3. If you are on a tight budget, but you still want to present a unique gift, you can try presenting ceramic plates engraved with the photos of the couple. There are many shops where you can find options for engraving photos and names. You can also add the wedding date to the plate to make it more special and remind the couple with the happiest moment in their life.

wedding gifts
photo from dreedy

4. If the groom is your friend and if he is a golf player, you can present an entire golf set with his name engraved. Most golf lovers will be looking for buying branded golf sets and if you know the brand, which your friend is waiting to buy, you can purchase that set as a wedding gift to give a pleasant shock to your friend.

5. If the bride is your friend, you can find any jewelry that will suit her. If you are very close to the bride and if you know the theme of her wedding suit then you can present a jewelry that matches with her theme.

6. A more personalized and special gift can be a scrapbook that contains all the memories of the past. You can add the photos and incidents of the past remembering every special moment you both were together. If you are a childhood friend of the bride or the groom, you can easily develop this scrapbook with lot of information but you need to devote some time for preparing it.

wedding gifts
photo from burls

7. When you search online, you can find shops where they engrave the photos and the names of the couple in the item you choose. You can create personalized wedding invitation frame containing the wedding invitation and the photo of the couple. If you are good at poetry, you can write an excellent poem and engrave it on a glass frame. Even if you don?t know to write, you can find many poems online that you can engrave on the frame wishing the couple, a happy married life.

8. A Bible with the names of the couple engraved on it can be a good choice if the bride and the groom are spiritually inclined. You are actually giving them the blessings of the God and showing them the way to heaven.

9. You can purchase bed covers and pillows and add your personalized message along with the name and picture of the couple on them. Such gifts are found in different price ranges and the cost varies with the fabric that is used to make covers and pillows.

10. A romantic idea could be to arrange for the honeymoon of the couple and offer them gift certificates and restaurant vouchers along with their honeymoon package. Stay in a resort and food in a star hotel will make their honeymoon very special. If you know that the couple is interested in water sports, then you can arrange for a Caribbean honeymoon that is more pleasurable for the bride and the groom.

wedding gifts
photo from ladyamnesia

11. For travel enthusiast couples, you can present them with personalized traveling kit that they can take wherever they go. Garment bags, manicure sets, passport holders and anything they would carry during travel will be of great use for the couple. These personalized bags will also help them to identify their luggage and every time they travel to their favorite place, you will be remembered.

12. A thoughtful gift idea can be to present the couple with a gift basket containing household items. The wedded couple will be moving to a new home and your gifts will be of high use to them. You can also add gift cards from the nearby stores to let the couple start their life without hazards.

13. Gift cards for shopping online are also a great choice for wedding gifts. Previously these types of cards are considered unsuitable for wedding gifts but now people prefer only such gifts. With such gift cards, the couple can go to their favorite online store and purchase the item of their choice.

wedding gifts
photo from brownhair

14. Gifting with art pieces is also a great idea for wedding gifts. But you can present an art piece only if you are sure that you know the taste of the couple. The beauty of the art lies in the eyes of the viewer. An art that seems very beautiful to you may look unworthy for the other. If you are close to the bride or the groom, you can take them to the gallery and let them choose their favorite piece to hang on the wall.

15. Antique pieces can be a great gift for the couple if either of them is interested in collecting such antique pieces. You can find many different pieces that are used by ancient people when you search at the auction sites. The greatest thing with such gifts is that, the couple cannot find another similar piece anywhere else in the market. This will make them feel special and proud, as they become the owner of a majestic piece.

16. Gift baskets are great gift ideas for any occasion. A wedding gift basket may include flowers, gift certificates for restaurants or spa treatments or anything the couple wishes. You can add anything to the gift basket that you feel will delight the couple. For weddings, many people are presenting gift baskets containing gift certificates. The couple can then buy anything they wish using the gift certificate. This can be great if you don?t know what exactly the couple will like.

wedding gifts
photo from yellowstar

17. A unique gift can be the sculpture of the bride and the groom in their wedding attire. You can find many artists on internet who make portrait sculptures with hands using polymer clay. This gift can be an awesome idea, as you will present the couple with their miniature. This keepsake gift will be treasured by the couple forever.

18. If the couple to be wedded is financially good, they don?t need anything from the guests, and they have everything they need, you can donate the money to the charity. Many couples who don?t prefer gifts request the guests not to bestow gifts upon them. If you are a guest to such a wedding, you can ask the name of the charity that is close to the heart of the couple to be married and donate money to the charity. Give a note to the couple that you have donated to the charity in lieu of the wedding gift for the couple. Before choosing this gift idea, make sure that the bride and the groom do not prefer gifts for themselves.

wedding gifts
photo from 0olong

When you purchase wedding gifts, make sure that you match the receiver?s taste. Remember that the gift you give should be something special that the couple will love to have with them forever. It should reflect your love and emotions you have for the newly married couple, the money you pay for the gift does not matter. If you really love the couple, you can arrive at an excellent personalized gift exclusively for them. Above all, pray the Lord to shower his blessings on the newly wedded couple and let them start their journey of togetherness with the mercy of the Lord.

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7 Responses to “18 Beautiful Wedding Gifts Choices You Probably Haven’t Known”

  1. 1
    grooms gift Says:

    A person who is going for wedding always confused about gift but, by reading your posting anyone will get a list of gift choices from which he can choose best one.

  2. 2
    Eric @ Donate Used Car to Charity Says:

    I have seen a number of couples request that guests make a donation to a specific charity. I would think its rare considering that most young couples are starting without much and are often dealing with the costs of the wedding but its a great idea.

  3. 3
    Eric @ Free Online Music Says:

    Cash is king. With weddings costing $30k+, a little cash can go a long way to helping the new couple to a happier honeymoon.

  4. 4
    Samantha@gadgets Says:

    I agree with Eric.. Cash IS king. Its better to give them money for something they like than a gift that they might not like..

  5. 5
    Rick @ Call Center Phone System Says:

    Anyone with some artistic talent is fortunate that sometimes it is the best gift. Whenever friends and family members wed, they would ask me to paint a picture for them. I had license to select any subject and often times it was the site of the wedding… the church exterior, a pergola at a B&B, the decked-out hotel reception foyer. Personalized and memorable.

  6. 6
    Mark@st louis kickboxing Says:

    These are totally very good idea. It is very hard to come up an idea on what to give on a wedding occasion especially if that person is very close to you. On other hand, Eric mentioned some couples requested to donate to a specific charity as a gift to their wedding… totally interesting and noble.

  7. 7
    Rob@Figurines Says:

    I think you’ve got some great wedding gift ideas here. I especially like the one about sponsoring a particular portion of the wedding. I also liked the part about purchasing an antique for the bride and groom. The only risk is that if they don’t like it, they still may feel obligated to keep it because it was a wedding gift!

    A combination of these two ideas that would make an interesting gift would be to purchase a vintage wedding couple figurine for a cake topper. That way, when the big day is long over, they can still proudly display their gift in their home!

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