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Email Interview PTMoney.com


I had the chance to interview the founder of Prime Time Money (PTMoney.com), PT.

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site about?


My name is PT. I’m just a regular guy in my 30s living the good life here in Texas. I’m recently married to Mrs. PT, who is super frugal and smart with our money. Together we planned an awesome wedding. Now, we love to travel, spend time with friends and family, and generally stay as active as possible.

My site, Prime Time Money is all about three main things: Saving Money, Getting Out of Debt, and Living a Frugal Life. My goal with the blog is to create a place for those topics to be discussed by both people who are experienced and those who are still learning.

2) I understand your site has been up for a really long time and is now one of top wedding authority sites online. What do you think is the key factor to your success?

I think the success of my blog comes mainly from the fact that I have a passion for those three things: saving more money, getting out of debt, and living a more frugal life. I love talking/thinking/reading about all things personal finance. It’s just one of those topics I can’t seem to get enough of. The next logical step, of course, is to WRITE about it. The blog is also a big motivator for me to get out of debt, live a more frugal life, and reach my financial goals. As a bonus, I get to learn a lot about blogging and the web.

3) What is it about your website that you are most proud of?

Three things I’ve developed on the site that I’m really proud of are:

1. My “10 Things That Bring Success in Personal Finance” Series (Link: https://ptmoney.com/10-things) – This is basically my story with money. I think anyone can take something away from the series, as it covers many topics and skill levels.

2. My Complete List of Millionaires in the Making (Link: https://ptmoney.com/millionaires) – Future millionaire profile are very inspiring to look at. I’ve got them all listed here. Plenty of newlyweds here too.

3. A World of Personal Finance Bloggers – This exhaustive interactive map will show you the personal finance bloggers in your local area. Get money advice from a local expert. It’s worth a look.

4) What is the greatest challenge that you have faced while growing your site?

My greatest challenge has been finding a balance between family time, full-time work, and blogging time. The three cross paths everyday and they really shouldn’t. I need to get better at managing my time, as I spend way too much time on the blog everyday.

5) Currently, what is the one wedding tip you want to give to soon-to-wed couples?

If I had to give just one tip, it would be to all the grooms out there: get involved with the planning process as much as possible. What I hear from most of my guy friends is “I just showed up the day of the wedding. She did all the planning.” What a waste. Is that how you’re going to spend the rest of your marriage to this woman…with her doing all the planning and you just showing up? My challenge to the grooms would be to honor this planning time with the proper level of input and effort. The feeling of accomplishment you’ll feel on that day having been a part of the process is hard to beat. Brides, that means you also need to encourage and ALLOW your groom to be a part of the process.

6) What are some of the areas do you think wedding couples always overlook when planning their own weddings?

For me, I overlooked how stressed I would be the days and hours prior to the ceremony. This can be avoided by properly planning and delegating every little detail. You don’t have to have a wedding planner, but make sure you have friends and family helping out with the last minute preparations. Make a list of all the little things and assign a name to each task. You don’t want to be running around setting things up with your wedding dress on.

Another area I think people overlook is getting the “rights” to your wedding photo negatives. Most professional photographers don’t just give you your digital negatives so that you can make your own prints. Be sure you discuss that before hand. If you have to pay extra to get the negatives, do it. It will be worth it in the long run.

7) Your final thought and advice for my wedding blog readers?

Since I blog about saving money and frugality on my blog, I see a lot of information on how expensive wedding can be and ideas for how you can really cut costs. While I think it’s great to find ways to cut costs on your wedding, don’t do it at the expense of a wedding you wouldn’t be proud of. After all, this is probably the biggest party you’ll ever throw. Live it up. Lastly, the biggest way to spend less on a wedding, and the most fullfilling, is to do some of the preparations yourself. The personal touches (whether it’s making your own invitations or party favors) will make the day that much more special.

That?s the end of the interview.

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