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Are You Praised When You Made Mistakes?

This video is about my nephew’s first try to stand up, unassisted.

The parents and grandparents were clapping excitedly for every attempt he did to stand up. Even when his little legs gave way and he fell, there were encouragements to try again.

As I was watching this video, I am wondering to myself and asking my wife.

“Why is it when we have grown up, we have less praises and encouragement.

When we made little mistakes, we were put down by negative comments on how weak we are.”

Is it we are no longer the little cute babies?

Is it that there are more expectations on us now?

Is it there is less tolerance for every mistake we make, no matter how small it is?

I am wondering what if I am still a child. I will have lots of praises and encouragements for me to move on in spite of life difficulties.

Life and work will be more pleasant to pull through.

Our lives will be better on the whole.

But the fact is, we are no longer the cute cute babies we once were.

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