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Archive for December, 2007

35 Awesome Wedding Hair Style Picture – Part 5

I have always heard that most brides love long wedding hair styles. Even if you have short hair, you may want your hair to appear more full and sassy instead flat to your head.

You want to grow your hair to significant length in order to have the long wedding hair style you have always wanted. But if you are only about 1 month away from your big day, you should be out there looking for hair extensions.

But wait. Before you start searching for hair extensions, do consider the positive and negative aspects.

Here are some pros and cons for getting hair extensions:

1. Hey, it is only once a lifetime and your hair will look fabulous for your wedding day.
2. You can create a stunning and lovely look that will make all your guests drool.

1. You will spend a lot of money. But if you have deep pocket, it is worth for the once-in-a-lifetime look.
2. Your hair may be Continue Reading »

35 Awesome Wedding Hair Style Picture – Part 4

There are really different sort of wedding hairstyles for brides. After attending two weddings for during the past one week, I can also see how a bride can be many times more beautiful with the right hairstyle.

Of course, for those with the wrong hair-dos, their whole look will be completely destroyed and sometimes, I feel guests will still complement how pretty they are for courtesy sake.

So, I still deeply believe that brides should spend as much time as possible on deciding the hairstyles they want or one that suit them, be it wedding up dos for short hair or long hair.

You may want to discuss with your hairstylist which Continue Reading »

Paul & Lee Yean Wedding

paul and lee yean wedding

I’m really delighted and exhilarated to have got in touch with my secondary school friend, Lee Yean.

My secondary four classmates had a gathering on last Saturday and sad to say, I couldn’t make it due to work.

From Lee Yean, I heard that one of my friends is pregnant (a lady of course) and other friends have become fathers of 2 or more.

It is really heart warming to hear that many of my friends are doing well and I still remember the times when we are still innocent 16 years old kids, struggling like mad in the top class for our school and wanting to do very well for our O-level exam.

Lee Yean has kindly allowed me to Continue Reading »

A Husband’s Role In A Marriage

wedidng rings on book

One year after my wedding, I finally have time to meet up with some friends on Saturday night and it was a good catch up.

Two of us, including myself are married and we no doubt agree that our roles have been changing over time. And they still are.

Before marriage, we were bachelors always working for ourselves and we had the freedom to plan our daily schedule. We just have to work to bring in monthly income both for ourselves and our parents, at least for me.

I recalled while planning our wedding, it was not easy. I somehow felt the stretch in me, at least financially.

Finance was my biggest worry then and it still is.

Wedding took up most of my savings and drove my saving account to below zero mark. Luckily, my loving mother was helping me pay at least half of the bills and I still owe her the money.

After marriage, we have so much to plan for and these are the ones.
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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 4 – The Groom’s Gatecrash & Wedding Games

wedding door games

After having lots of fun at my cousin’s hens’ parties, the bridesmaids still had lots of fun carrying out the wedding games that they had prepared earlier on.

The inital scheduled timing for the groom to reached was at 7am. However, they didn’t reach till 7.15am. It was expected.

I did the same for my wedding. My brothers and I loitered at the void deck for 10 minutes before calling the bridesmaids that we had reached.

It was common sense to do it for most weddings. Most grooms would choose to be late rather than on time to give as little time for the wedding games as possible.

Even married couples had advised us to do that. So it was not unusual that the groom was late for my cousin’s wedding.

Back at my cousin’s home, the groom called only after 7 or I think it was the other way. The bride called the groom to ask him where he was.

She told the bridesmaids that the groom’s party was late and the bridesmaids added more weird stuff for them as a form of punishment.

Finally soon after, the groom arrived with his gung-ho brothers and he had to read out the rules to the games. (I posted some of the rules in the “wedding games” post)

I was stuck outside the door with the groomsmen as I had to take picture when the groom got off his bridal car.
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