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Planning A Wedding To Remember?

Are you planning a wedding to remember?

Who isn’t?

Sometimes, the irony thing is bad things happened and these are what we remembered most.

I was chit-chatting with my wife who is helping a friend plan her wedding.

Of course, there are other wedding helpers as well.

During planning a wedding, you have to get all the help you need.

But this is not the point of this post.

The bride, J is going to have her wedding tomorrow.

Her bridal studio where she had her bridal gown done is one of the very popular shops around in Singapore.

Three days ago when she went back to the studio for the trial fitting of her gown. She was very shocked.

The gown used to come with this turquoise ribbon at the waist level. I must emphasize the word “used to”. Now it is gone.


Because one of their designers quitted and he took away all his designs including the ribbon.

Oh my!

I feel that it is total insanity as the ribbon is part of the package which J paid in full.

Plus, the studio, if chooses not to replace the ribbon, will have to compensate J in some ways.

So remember if this happens to you, you must remember to ask for compensation in terms of cost or other freebies of equilvalent cost.

The truth is we can talk so much of compensation but we seldom ask for it, for fear of something may go wrong for our wedding.

Our mind is so heavily bogged down with 1001 things to do and the wedding time line to follow. So we tend to avoid confrontation whenever possible.

J nearly burst into tear, only after she left the shop. I think it is ok. It is just a normal expression of feelings and it is good she can share with her friends rather than have it pent up inside her.

Remember her big day is tomorrow!

So are you still planning a wedding to remember?

Of course, you still can.

It is just that you have the choice to consciously remember the happy moments, even though unexpected things do happen now and then.

So it is coming to the end of the year and I know many of my readers (also brides) are having their wedding really soon.

I hereby wish you having a wonderful wedding to remember!

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