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5 Ways on “How To Plan A Cheap Wedding?”

Are you thinking of planning a cheap wedding?

Many wedding couples have taken this route to avoid burning their pockets too deeply. There are just too many things needed to plan for a wedding.

In fact, I have always shared with my readers that wedding planning is a team effort between the bride and groom.

I feel it is fine to work on a budget as long as this is the common agreement between the bride and groom.

So you are looking for tips on how to plan a cheap wedding?

Here are 5 ways you can plan one:

Wedding Gowns:
I know many brides long for the wedding gowns of their dreams. However, in reality, there is always the budget constraint. You may want to choose a gown that is off-the-rack, meaning that the gowns have been worn before by other brides in the past. They may be still new and just need slight alteration to fit you.

Alternatively, you can get a nice looking prom dress and get it altered by a trusting seamstress.

Wedding Photographer:
Looking for a professional photographer? Only if your budget allows. My cousin, who is going to have her wedding in 3 weeks’ time, asked friends and cousins to help. Yes, you can do this only if you just want normal photographs for your wedding. Your expectation in the quality of the photos has to be kept in check.

Wedding Invitation Cards:
Making the cards by yourself can help you save some money. If you are getting professional printers to print your cards, it will certainly cost more. Now, you have color printers available easily in homes. Get friends to help. Sometimes, hand-written cards may work beautifully too. Buy cheap ribbons to add on to the cards. Most of the times, hand-made cards give more sense of personal touch.

Wedding Lunch:
Are you planning a sit-down lunch or a buffet style? Why not go pot luck and get your aunties to help in coming up with the food. I know it may sounds crazy but nothing beats home-cooked food. Again, it depends on the number of guests you are inviting. Sometimes, you may just want the blessings of immediate families, relatives and some close friends. It can be a small get-together.

In my own opinion, keeping the number small encourages more interaction between the guests and the newly-wed. You may want to think about it.

Wedding Decorations:
Is it neccessary to get new decorations? If you are having your wedding next year, you can get recycled decorations from your friends’ weddings. Just spend a small budget to get other materials and transform the used decorations to as if they are new.

If you are not artiscally inclined, get friends to help you or surf the internet to get fresh ideas. No one will know that the decorations are recycled except yourself. For wedding favors, there are many DIY wedding favors that you can do too.

Too many things in your mind right now and afraid that you can’t remember all the tips?

This is the most important tip:

To get your wedding organised, you need to start off ready and prepared. You must have a wedding plan spreadsheet. Do one for your wedding with two columns for your budget and the actual amount spent. This is to avoid over-spending.

Wait, these are not all…

There are another 8 more ways to plan a cheap wedding and still be able to plan a fabulous one. Check out for more tips in my wedding plan book – “How to Plan Your Fabulous Wedding” or sign up at the left side bar for your FREE first 3 Chapters. Just enter your name and email and the download link will be sent to you.

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