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Can’t Seem to Find Time to Spend With Your Wife?

I always hear from my friends that they are always very busy with their work.

All of us have the same amount of time per day and some can do more while others can do less.

I seriously think that it is the issue of time management that determine if a person has “enough” time for himself.

I believe that work is a very common excuse that all of us use during some of the times.

When we can’t go for some gathering, we will use work as a reason.

“Oh, I have so much work to do. Maybe next time.”

I can really empathise with those who truly have alot of work to do.

However, I would like to remind ourselves that the amount of work we can have is endless.

It is never-ending. However, the time we can have with our wife is unpredictable.

It may be a few tens of years or even just a few months or days.

We can never tell. No one can.

Can you?

We always fall into the pitfall of getting ourselves into busy-ness.

We are busy checking our emails at least 12 times a day, with our Outlook Express always on and we are always so eager to hear the next email alert tone so that we can immediately check who the sender is.

We are always busy doing our work using the computer, only to realise we use almost 80% of the time chatting with our friends online and gossiping and complaining about unimportant stuff.

If we can just take a step backward and relook at how we can manage our daily tasks better, I’m certainly sure you can spend about 10 minutes a day chatting with your wife facr-to-face and really be interested in each other’s life.

What I can suggest is to batch up your task.

For emails:
Check it only twice a day. Maybe once at 11am and the other at 4am.

No email will be so important that it can cause you your life.

Purposely ignore some emails of new works given to you last minute. This is what I called “purposeful ignorance“.

Imagine if you have to take out whatever s**t load that is given to you 5 minutes before knocking off and you are required to finish it within the day.

This is absolutely ridiculous and I won’t be bother about it at all. I will choose not to see it.

About online chatting:
About the issue of somehow addicted to online chatting which can be very distracting to work productivity, I either change my MSN status to “appear offline” mode or “busy” mode so that I can ignore whatever messages that come in with the invitation to chat.

The most I will do is to plan my work which doesn’t require me to go online and finish it once and for all within a time frame.

I realise by doing this, I can save up to an hour of time which I will use it to spend time with my wife.

If I can do it, I’m sure you can do it too.

And when you have the time, here are 3 things you can do together with your wife.

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