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Feelings of a Bride & Groom

sad groom and bride

My cousin will be getting married really soon and I am elated for her nuptial.

I feel delighted and my thoughts were pre-occupied with the happenings of last year.

I was married last year and exactly a year ago, I was feeling frustrated, tense and anxious.

Yes, I was very excited over my wedding.

However, there were so many unpredictable things happening every week and these things were driving me crazy.

Yes, crazy is the word to describe my wedding preparation!

There were money issues, mother-in-law’s issues, wedding preparation issues and other inevitable invisble issues.

My head was literally cramped with stuff and yes, I remembered I was having my few examinations for my Gradute Diploma.

I was triply stressed: wedding, exam and work!

I told myself, if I could survive those stressful moments, I could survive the anything and overcome any challenges.

In fact, when I come to think of it, I was wrong.

There was a blanket of unforseen circumstances after the wedding night. The unforseen future seemed to be scary for the unprepared mind.

I hope I don’t make it sound overly fearful.

Welcome to the reality of a lifetime committment of making marriages work!

Sometimes life after wedding can worrying, if you are not mentally prepared for what lays ahead for you.

Courtship period is totally different. Dring courtship, you just need to see what lay ahead for you for this weekend, how both of you are going to spend time with each other or where are both of you going to hanky-panky.

Marriage is different. There are more than two lives at stake.

You have to remember your parents-in-law, your parents, your spouse and your children.

Suddenly at this point in time, I have forgotten to play my child’s University education fees.

It is about another 20 years later but I got to start now.

Haha…quite funny in fact but this is an example of what is on my mind everyday.

Others include our retirement savings, our finances, our home and many more.

Luckily we have a big brain to process so many items at one time and oppsss, that is why my hair is turning abit white.

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