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My Favourite Wedding Blog: WeddingBee.com

I have always like to read other wedding blogs and weddingbee.com is one of my favourites.

Weddingbee is a group blog updated by real brides across the US over 20 times a day. The site is read by brides, grooms, bridesmaids, women, wedding vendors, and industry insiders.

Here are some of their recent posts that will benefit you:

Bird Icons:

They have a very talented artist Irene who designed and drew these bird icons. I feel they are fantastic and you may want to consider them for your wedding favors or even wedding gifts.

I think the options are limitless!

bird icons

Wedding Ceremony:

In Asia, the wedding ceremony is totally different from those in United States.

We have customary wedding ceremonies to follow such as burning the phoenix and dragon candles to going to fetch the bride by a certain auspicious timing.

However, for the wedding ceremonies in US, they have a wedding ceremony followed by party.

For us Chinese, we just have a wedding dinner with a 9 course meal.

wedding ceremony

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