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Marriage to a Higher Level

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desert affection and embrace

How do you embrace your wife wholly after your wedding?

Do you judge her for every fault she has commited or every weakness she has displayed?

Or do you choose to close one eye and only see the beautiful side of her?

I choose to embrace her wholly and I am still learning.

It is not easy to be fully non-judgemental. We are all human afterall.

All of us have these tinted lens that we used to see people around us and even ourselves.

I have this big piece of paper pasted on the wall, somewhere I can see it everyday and be reminded of it.

On the paper was written “Give my wife whatever she deserves.”

I remember my father told my mother about this one day when I was very young.

And I choose to follow this path that I hold so dearly.

I choose to help her remove her debt and fulfill her dreams.

I know all along she wanted to do something else beside having the current career that she has.

As a husband and being her best friend, I want to help her fulfill her dream, to let her not to work again for others but for herself. I think work will be more enjoyable if it is something that she enjoys doing.

I remembered I spoke to a friend who wanted to be an anime designer but now he is stuck in engineering. I told him to switch line but he said it was too late. He is only in his early thirties.

It is saddening to hear this.

I feel marriage is all about pushing each other up to a higher level, always encouraging each other to do one’s best.
I know it is not easy. But neither is it impossible.

A question to ask yourself if you truly believe your husband if one day he comes back home, telling him he had enough and wanted to quit right now. He wants to pursue his passion.

How would you respond?

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