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Manage Your Mother-In-Law In the Right Way

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Your Mother-In-Law is always right. Mine too.

It is weird. I think I have to do it based on my survival instinct.

Continuing from the previous post on “being thrashed by my mother-in-law“, I guess I would not have survived if I have rebuked or shown my displeasure in any way.

If I have done that, my head would have got chopped off by now.

So what did I do on the phone conversation that works?

In fact it was not really a conversation. It was more of a monolouge. It was only one directional.

I was not given much chance to talk. Maybe just about 5 minutes or so.

My mother-in-law spent the other 40 minutes lecturing me. Oh my! I think I was still affected emotionally even right now.

I can still feel the shivers down my spine.

I think I’m emotionally scarred.

My wife just shared with me that one of her colleagues’ secret was exposed when she and her new boyfriend bumped into her mother in the street.

He was invited to a family gathering. I still remembered my first one. There was lots of formality and I had to be in my best behaviour.

I still do now because being polite and respectful to elders is really me.

It is just that now I feel my mother-in-law now wants to take up the same position as of my mother.

I’m not sure if it is true. Maybe I’m wrong. It is just a gut feeling. It is just my feeling.

She mentioned to me I am half her son which I totally agree and she told me I have to listen to her.

To have a good life whenever I visit her, I have to abide by her house rules.

Of course, I do not totally agree with everything she says.

I just have to learn new methods to tactfully give “Yes, I nod my head but it doesn’t mean I agree with you.” answers.

How? I am still exploring.

What about now?

We just hope that the mooncakes we bought for her will make her “happy”.

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