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How Do I Reduce Our Newly Wed Conflicts?

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Having conflicts are natural. It is healthy to have conflicts.

“What? Are you nuts?”

Looking back at my fist 9 months of marriage life, it has not been easy.

I’m not saying that we are in crisis or any similar form. Thank goodness we are not.

While looking at the days we have walked through together and effort we have put in, I could say we can score about 6 upon 10. (Still lots of room for improvement, you know.)

What we have done so far:

1. A gentle stroll round our house

I remember that we made an effort to stroll around the estate every night without fail.

These are personal times we could catch up with each other.

There are so many things to talk about. I just don’t understand how come older couples find each other bored. Maybe they just don’t want to talk. Just maybe.

Every day there are so many things going on. I just can’t wait to tell my wife about it when I reach home.

However, I must confess that it is not easy to be consistent. There are times we are very busy or one of us is busy. There are times that we simply forgot or are not bothered about it at all.

We need each other to constantly remind us now and then.

2. Exercising regularly

There is a saying that if “You take care of your body the first 50 years, your body will take care of you for the next 50.”

I know being city dwellers, we have no time to exercise. There are so many other temptations like working, sleeping and going to work.

Not many of us have the regular exercise habits.

For the first 6 months, I still jog 2 times a week and swim at least once a week.

We even took part in 10 sessions of pilate and only attended 7 due to work committment, other “more important” matters like family.

When you put health and family side by side and compare, it is really hard to determine which one has more weightage.

Now, I only jog once every two weeks. Quite shameful indeed. And I’m determined to jog every morning.

I’m committed to set aside 1 to 2 hours per day for personal development in terms of physical, mental and spiritual aspect.

Yes, and also in our relationship which I will share more in the next post.

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