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37 Things A Sensitive and New Age Husband can Do

I saw a post from my friend Kloudiia and she has blogged about “A New Age Husband“.

Here are 37 things a Sensitive and New Age Husband can do:
1. Massage her everyday
2. Fetch her from work
3. Send her to work
4. Help mark her school work
5. Do house chores
6. Cook for her
7. Wash her clothes
8. Iron her clothes
9. Do marketing
10. Take care of the babies

11. Bring the children to school
12. Stay at home to look after the house while wife goes for “retail therapy” on weekends
13. Don’t smoke
14. Don’t gamble
15. Don’t drink
16. Let her have the good things first (such as have the cleaner seat at the food centre)
17. Let her eat the good food first
18. Take care of her when she is unwell
19. Take care of her even when she is well
20. Feed her medicine when she is unwell

21. Run errands for her
22. Prepare breakfast for her so that she can sleep late
23. Prepare dinner for her so that she can rest at home after work
24. Let her have the car and he takes the public transport
25. Let her have the good food while he finishes what she doesn’t like
26. Help her finish the food that she can’t eat
27. Know what she likes to eat
28. Know what she dislikes
29. Know her fear
30. Know her problems

31. Know her menstrual cycle (sometimes even better than herself)
32. Sensitive to her mood swings
33. Sensitive to her needs
34. Sensitive to her challenges at work
35. Sensitive to her frustrations with anything
36. Still love her though there are times that she really made him angry
37. Give a morning and goodnight kiss everyday, without fail

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