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How To Fry Egg

I have been blogging about Chinese wedding customs to follow. I know I still have some more customs and taboos to share such as:

4. Making noise in the newly-wed room
5. Only to have sex at the Right Time
6. Pig Cages
7. Widows are to be blamed

But I have decided to break the pattern and do some contents on cooking.

Yes, cooking!!! Let a guy share with you on how to fry an egg from a start.

I know many newly-wed couples have no idea how to cook and their newly-furnished branded kitchen sets are normally for display. How wasteful!!!

fry egg

Anyway, for a start, I can show you how to fry an egg.

I got this recipe and pictures from ehow.com. To know more about other recipes, you can visit their website.

Things You’ll Need
nonstick cooking spray
frying pan
cooking oil
2 large eggs

Step One:
Over medium heat, warm a small amount of oil or butter, perhaps 1 1/2 tsp., in a small (8-inch) skillet, or spray the pan with nonstick cooking spray.

fry egg

Step Two:
Crack an egg into the pan.

fry egg

Step Three:
Cook until the white appears solid, about 3 to 4 minutes.

Here is a video on egg-frying.

Tips & Warnings:
– If the egg’s edges burn, turn down the heat.
– Most people like the egg cooked gently, as the white gets rubbery if the heat is cranked up. – But some people like their fried eggs with browned edges. Turn up the heat if you like it that way!
– Some people cover the pan to make the egg cook faster, but then the yolk gets a film over the top.
– Eggs are high in cholesterol.
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