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Going on Holiday with Spouse

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Holiday is a big break to look forward to, especially we have planned for it for so long.

It is a reward we give to ourselves for working really hard for the past few months and it is something we tell ourselves we deserve it.

Taking a holiday is also a time for us to disconnect from our daily routine and an escape from our stress in work or from home.

We feel married couples should take a break to make a getaway. It does not really matter if it is a short one lasting for a few days or a very long one that may ast for a few weeks to a month.

My parent has always told me to plan an oversea trip once a year to see the world and not be confined like a frog in a well. There are far more things to be explored beyond the edge of the well.

So what does it takes to plan for a holiday with your spouse?

Agreement to a Common Destination:

It is not as easy as it sounds. It takes weeks of discussion to come to a common consensus where your next trip will be. Husband and wife will have different opinions based on different perceptions and beliefs.

For instance, this Vietnam trip has been a breakthrough for us as initally we “believe” that it was unsafe. I was quite worried about the food if it was too spicy for me. Going to a developing country has invited very different opinions from friends and relatives who have their point of views too.

Thus, it takes a lot of determination in the couple to stand up for the decision they have made together.

Shopping at the Destination:

Have you ever wondered men stood outside the shop while the the shop was filled with women?

Seats in ladies’ footwear shops are not meant for ladies to sit. They are for the men who felt bored.

I have my wife to thank for her discipline in not veering towards shopping-on-impulse. We always discussed if we needed the items before buying. I must admit sometimes I buy on impulse too whenever I see really cute items like art and craft.

There are a couple of times my wife wanted to buy some bags and she told me about it. I took a look at the bags and they were really teriffic. You won’t get to see such bags in Singapore.

However, after discussion, she told me she won’t be buying it even though she liked it very much. The reason is she won’t be carrying it when she gets home.

Taking care of each other 24/7:

When you are in a foreign land, you only have you and your wife to depend on. I got sick on the last day and my wife took care of me. It could be due to some unclean food I ate and I experienced stomach upset.

Our tour guide mentioned to us to be extra careful when we were alone on the street or in busy and crowded shopping district. There are pickpockets lurking around. Thus, we were always on oor guard, taking care of each other.

The traffic in Ho Chin Minh is incredible. You never get to see it in other countries. It is a uniqe characteristic. There is no traffic rule. Motorbikes swarmed the roads and they cut the lanes whenever and wherever they like. The traffic lights that filled the streets are only for show.

We always made sure we didn’t walk too close to the side of the roads to avoid motorbikes snatch-thieves who grabbed your bags and sped off.

When it came to crossing the roads, we just had to hold hands and trust in each other and braved through the on-coming traffic. It was really an incredible experience!

I will be posting of the photos I took in Vietnam in the next few posts. So do look out for them. 🙂

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