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Spending Time with Friends After Wedding

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It was tough to juggle time between work, friends and family.

It was not easy to manage the very limited time that we have. Each of us only have 24 hours per day.

art friend

Yesterday, I made a special trip to support a very good friend of mine who was holding an art exhibition for her oil paintings. She was in fact selling her paintings for charity and the oil paintings do not come cheap.

The price range was around S$400 to $600.

art friend

Other friends and I specially went to the art exhibition venue just to support her and we all skipped our lunch so that we could be on time.

Her oil painting was really fantastic and we kept on priaising that she did an excellent work.

We stayed for around an hour or so just to show our support for her.

art friend

After that, I realised that it was not so much of whether we bought the paintings from her, but it was our effort in visiting the art gallery. We were doing it because we are friends.

In fact, after marriage, I have to learn to juggle and manage time which will be spent working, going out with friends and spending time with family.

Yesterday outing was a short but quality one. I had to plan to reach home by 6pm so that I could join my wife for dinner.

Many times when we were planning our time with our friends, we would inform each other. Again, I mentioned in earlier posts that informing is not to seek consensus or permission from each other, but we respect each other.

5 things I do before I go out with friends:
1. Tell my wife at least a week in advance
2. Tell her where I am going
3. Tell her who I am going out with
4. Tell her what time I am going and returning home
5. Give a call on that day an hour before coming home

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