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“My Wedding Blog” Community Members

“My Wedding Blog” has come far. It is still a relatively young blog.

I started it in August 2006 as a medium for self-expression of inner thoughts and feelings and at the same time, I wanted to blog every wedding-planning details, no matter sad or happy.

I have done 6 revamps to my site for the past 9 months and for those of you who have been with me all these whiles knew how much pain I had gone through to get this wedding blog up.

My Wedding Blog almost died in March 07 when I wanted to give up as I found myself not having enough time spent with my family.

Many readers like you emailed me to hang on there and retain “My Wedding Blog” because they were still planning their weddings half-way. Others felt that the blog must stay so future brides can benefit.

I think the main motivation for me to continue blogging is so that brides as well as grooms can benefit.

My Wedding Blog is different and unqiue in the sense that it tells about the “ugly” side of wedding.

Unlike commercial wedding websites which only show-case the luxurious and lavish wedding lifetyle, My Wedding Blog also shares about the emotional turmoils any wedding couple can and will most likely go through from before marriage to after.

Marriage life is never always a bed of roses. There are thorns underneath too.

Now, My Wedding Blog has about 300 to 400 unique readers each day, about 200 subscribers and 41 Community Members. The numbers are still growing as you are reading.

Wedding Blog Bloglog Community

I will continue to do my best to add value to my readers. I promise.

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