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Wedding Routine of a Week: Part 1

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Once after proposal, the preparation of your wedding begins. I remembered once after my own proposal, the first thing on our mind is to announce to our parents.

Announcing to our own parents is easier. The most difficult part for me is breaking the news to my mother-in-law.

During the first visit to my in-law’s place, I brought beer and fruits, hoping that gifts can make the task seem less hard.

The beer was for the father and the fruits for the both.

Such happy news calls for celebration.

When I was about to tell my in-laws about our plans to get married, I was breaking cold sweats.

After our parents both know about our wedding plans, the next-to-do things on the list is to have a rough idea what your ideal wedding is. Plus, how much wedding budget you have.

There is a fine line between spending just what you think should be spent and over-spending.

A wedding preparation plan should be drawn out. Both of us got a scrap book as our wedding planing book.

We drew a time-line and a general question to guide us is “who to do what by when?”

We have to plan:
1. Is it a wedding lunch or wedding dinner?
2. Is solemnisation day together or separated from the wedding day?
3. Is it sit down or buffet style?
4. Which bridal studio do we want to choose?
5. What is our wedding budget?

I will continue to tell you more about how a typical day of yours will dramatically change during your wedding planning phase.

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