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Wedding Bell…Fast Forward

Lately, I had a friend whose mom is not well. In fact, she was semi-conscious.

I visited her a moment ago and she was asleep…asleep for the past one week or so.

In my heart, how I wish she would wake up now and be on her recovering journey.

But we know it is a slim chance that it may happen.

Any time soon, she will go to the Lord as what my friend had said.

I recalled the very day that this old lady was also a bride…who must have also fell in love and married a man she loves..and had children who she adores…and live happily just like another bride had wanted…

I one day will grow old too and being sick is just part of the package deal we had to live in this world.

My father too had left me early. But my mom had described the days with him as magical though short.

When I think that one day we will all leave this world, it made me send this sms to my wife.

“Dear, her mom is still not well. It made me want to send you this sms, to remind us that we have to treasure every day, every moment…because we won’t know what will happen after today…I just want to be happy beside you every day.”

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