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Final Farewell…A Hum Farewell

There was a man who sat beside his wife by the bed. Her eyes gentle and sweet. She looked as if she was asleep.

The man was conscious enough not to make any sound, just in case she woke up.

A nurse popped by to check if everything was ok.

Today, the man hummed a beautiful tune, to help his wife sleeps better.

As time passed, his tune got louder. It was so loud and clear that even you could hear it from the cooridor.

After some time, the man came out of the room to apologise to the nurses who were on duty and he explained this.

“Tonight the angel came and brought along my wife. I just have to hum louder so that as she was leaving, she could hear it again, just like how I had done it for her every night before she slept.”

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