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Wedding Planning…I’m Sick and Tired

No matter in which continent you are planning your wedding, the wedding planning process is going to sap all your energy away…

wedding tired
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Wedding planning is tiring and time-consuming…the endless decision-making and coordination make it hard for the wedding couple to juggle well between working and planning.

Many thought that proposing could be the hardest step…wait till they start to plan their wedding…

Wedding planning is never just business for the couple. It involves the marriage of two families.

Beside the many liaisions with the bridal studio, hotels, solemnisation venue, photographers, videographers and so on, there are many times the couple may be answerable to their own parents.

I remembered my mother-in-law was very displeased with the journalistic style of our wedding photographers. There was never one photo that she said was “ok”.

She criticised and commented negatively at every photo…”why is there such a dark patch here? why is only the face of this person captured? what about the rest?”

About the food-tasting, we initially thought that we could finalised the menu on the spot. Never did we know that we had to change 5 out of the 9 dishes due to Hong Kong wedding custom.

The reason was that the dishes are not colourful enough to represent such an important occasion.

There were many times we had to meet up with the necessary liaision staff after a hard day of work. We were very tired most of the times and many times we found ourselves dragging our tired feet to these places and had to go through few rounds of bargaining, discussion and negotiation.

It was really tough.

Most of the times, we had skipped our dinner to meet these people.

And by the time the discussion ended, it was already ten plus and we reached home at about 11pm.

It doesn’t end here.

Our concerned parents would like to know what had been discussed and we had to “report” our “decisions” to them.

There were times our decisions were wrong or improper in our parents’e eyes and we had to change our decision and again, we had to contact the staff-in-charge.

It was definitely cumbersome and tiring, wasn’t it?

Some of our relatives may be concerned too and wished to give some inputs. If these inputs were helpful, we would definitely welcome them.

However, there were times that the inputs were not helpful at all and they added on to our stress.

So, you can see that planning our wedding involved many people around us.

Personally, I find that completing the physical tasks were easy. It takes more effort to manage the people around us. >.<

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