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Sentosa Beaufort…a wedding I attended in March

I attended a wedding at Sentosa Beaufort.

It was a wedding dinner and the ambience around the hotel was fantastic. Remember I am only mentioning only outside is fantastic and I will tell you why….soon

It was no doubt one of the very few hotels which can give you a nature view by the golf park and the sea. It was serene and tranquil.


The reception was enjoyable and pleasant.

Transport could be taken from Paragon in Orchard or from Vivocity. But the buses were only available every hourly.

The bus ride was smooth and fast and we reached the hotel from Paragon in about 20 minutes or so.

The scenic view outside the hotel raise my expectation of what would be happening inside the function room.

beaufort sentosa function room

I was very disappointed. I thought my experience with my hotel was bad enough…

The romantic ambience was not there and the light were on to the brightest. Hey…we could all see the guests VERY clearly even though they were a few tables away.

The lights were like spotlights!

The service? I could only give a “below average”.

Despite one waiter or waitress attending to two tables, the attitude of them were poor. They stood them and gave me the feeling we were invisible.

My aunty waved at this waitress about 8 times before she could see us. She was facing us and so I believed she was day-dreaming.

Normally, the waiters will be kind enough to say “excuse me” if they need more space beside you to reach to serve from the dish in the center of the table.

The waiters and waitresses barged past me like no one business and bumped against my shoulders a few times. They didn’t even bother to say “sorry” and walked off as if it never happened.

I was extremely displeased and shocked by the service standard in such a “high class hotel”. It was supposed to be one of the finest spa cum resort. But I felt really disappointed.

Plus, the chair that my wife was sitting was actually wet and drenched. Hmmm…didn’t the staff check the seats during the setting up?

Such minor incidents were experienced by many of my relatives and we all concluded that it would be our last time to patronise the place…and I don’t think I will recommend this place to any of my friends who is planning her wedding.

In any case, you still want to take a look, you can vist their website at beaufort.com.sg
But if you want to know more about wedding planning, this book will definitely benefit you.

I would also like to hear from you…have you met with any bad experience while attending wedding dinner or even at your own wedding?

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2 Responses to “Sentosa Beaufort…a wedding I attended in March”

  1. 1
    Jacklyn Says:

    Hey Jhong Ren, I’ve never attended any wedding dinner at Sentosa Beaufort, but I’ve attended one at Rasa Sentosa Shangri-La last year. It has a beautiful beach, sea facing rooms and excellent service! I can’t resist and booked a room for myself over the weekend (It’s a great get-away for me!). I guess it will be a great ‘honeymoon’ for you too! Don’t miss out the Spa. It’s great…

  2. 2
    Jhong Ren Says:

    HI Jacklyn,

    wow like the spa is great..perhaps next time i will bring my wife there… 🙂

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