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Wedding Taboos

I was at MPH a few days ago and chanced upon this interesting book on wedding taboos.

I was once told that for Teochew, if the younger brother was to get married first, the bride and groom had to walk under the elder brother’s trousers before entering the house. It was meant to be an apology to the elder brother that the younger brother was to get married first in the family.

wedding couple

For Hainanese, I was told by my mother that the eldest brother and the other siblings had to stand on the bed and turned their back around and to see their sister (eldest sister but younger than the eldest brother) get married. Hmm..quite stange!!! >.< Have you ever wondered why friends like to disturb the wedidng couples after the wedding dinner?

For us, it was meant to have fun and a form of “sabotage” to the newly-wed. It can also be a form of celebration of the completeion of a big project!!!

However, from traditional perspective, it was believed that there is alot of demons and monsters in the newly-wed room and friends are supposed to make lots of noises to chase away all these negative energy.

In addition, divorcess and widowed or anyone who has attended a wake recently is not allowed into the room.

“Just for sharing >.<

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