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Dating After Married

I personally feel that we still need to go for dating even after married. Time still has to be set aside for each other so that we can spend some time with each other.

Before going to in-law’s house on day 2, we popped by Cafe Cartel to de-stress. 5 days of holidays were meant for us to forget about work. However, house-visiting was tiring as we had to travel to many places in these few days. So holidays were even busier than working days.

At Cafe Cartel, we sat and chit-chat. Personally, I’m an avid photographer and I started snapping photos of my wife and her with her chocolate cake and the caramel latte. It was a short time but it was wonderful for the fact we spent time together.

Yup, and I included the photo of the bouquet of flower I gave her for Valentine’s Day. Sweet Pink roses…>.<

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