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Teochew Wedding Custom

I receive an email enquiry on “Teochew Wedding custom”

As for me, I’m not a Teochew but this is what I ahve researched from the net and my reply of this email.

Hi Daisy,

I’m no wedding guru and my custom is more for Cantonese.

Am I right to say your hubby is a Teochew?

Bascially, the normal custom like “combing hair” on the day before wedding, mother-in-law will buy “si dian jin” for the bride should follow, groom’s parents giving “pin jin” (in the form of ang pows or number of tables with the ang pows collected)

Others are fetching bride before sunrise (auspicious timing is very important) (get see from “tong shu”)

Eventually, you need to check with the parents as they have their own family beliefs and customs or they could be quite modern.

To be more complete, you can go to the wedding shop at Chinatown town market temporary site (beside Outram Park MRT) to ask the shop owners. They have decades of experience selling wedding stuff and so they should know better. 🙂

I saw this thread in singaporebrides.com on some “dough fritters“. Not sure if your family follows it.


Hope these info are helpful.


If you have any enquiry, you can submit through this page. Just fill in the boxes.

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