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Assumptions & Expectations…

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A life after marriage, for me, has been the same. Why is there a need to be different when both of us are still the same person anyway?

I chose to treat my wife as who she is, the same person who I have met when she was my girlfriend.

Why is it that we have to mould our partners into someone who we think is an ideal wife or husband?

Didn’t we, in the first place, find that s/ he is the right one and that is why we married her/ him?

What an irony?

What if we placed ourselves into the others’ shoes? Would we feel pleased to be forced to become someone who we are not? Or would we feel more comfortable to remain as who we are?

Talking about expectations…we definitely have expectations on ourselves, our partners, our friends…and many others…

Married couples definitely have expectations one ach other too…some realistic while others are not. There are also time we may take each other for granted as we expected or even assumed our partner understand totally and will give way to us or forgive us of whatever wrong doings…

I hope that we will always remember to respect each other, to openly communicate with each other (no assumprion or mind-reading games) and always treasure each other.

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