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I will do my best to give you whatever you deserve…

“I will do my best to give you whatever you deserve…” it was a statement that this man once told a woman.

Though they had only been married for barely 12 years before cancer took this man away from mother and son, the man had left a deep impact in how to love the wife in the son.

When I looked back these 13 years after this man had passed away, I will never forget what my mom told me about this man…yes, you are right…this great man is non other than my dad.

Despite him not being with me (physically), my mother had told me of great stories of how my dad had taken care of her…not by monetary terms….or material needs..but the endless love and concern that he had showered over both me and mom…

He once told my mom that though he may not be very rich, but he swore to my mom that he would do his very best to give what my mom deserves….what does she deserves is not important…

how would you feel if the man you love tell you this statement one day?

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