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Wedding Snapshots 8: First Video Montage & Wedding Speech

It was as if everything had happened yesterday. The emotions and anxiety and excitement overwhelmed me as I was typing this post. My fingers are trembling as I typed the keyboard.

Once a lifetime event happened and passed within a glimpse of an eye. The solemnisation was followed by the screening of the first video montage.

Then, we were ushered up to our bridal suite to get changed into evening attires.

This was a short moment for us to catch our breathes. Likewise for our helpers, they helped both groom and bride to get everything ready.

Finally, it was 9.20 pm. We were given half-an-hour to get ourselves ready.

Here comes the second march in. My heart thumping was louder than the music. It was another adrenalin rush for us. Happy adrenalin!!!

When the doors finally opened, we marched in as if we had practice before. We could feel each other’s hands – cold.

We proceeded to the stage for cake-cutting and champagne-pouring. Finally, we realised the cake was a dummy cake. Hehehe… :p there was a thin slot for you to insert the knife.

Then, there was champagne pouring for us and we criss-crossed our arms to drink wine. I think it resembles intertwining of two lives into one.

Finally, the spectacular moment had arrived – the wedding speech…

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One Response to “Wedding Snapshots 8: First Video Montage & Wedding Speech”

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    jiejie Says:

    enjoy your photos a lot. Really unforgettable day indeed.

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