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Now is 6.55pm…I think that is all I need to do

Now is 6.55pm…my heart is throbbing…hehe…very excited about tomorrow…it is going to leave a deep impression in my life…50 years down the road and when I remembered this day, how will I feel?

When I was waiting for my bus at a bus stop, I saw a grandpa massaging a grandma’s hands while they were waiting for their bus. My thoughts were…”they were very sweet!” and “Would I do that for my wife at that age? … I believe I will.”

At 3pm, I was at Junction 8 buying an extra white long-sleeve, a bottle of hand-wash and a red tie. It was very rush. I had trouble getting the tie ebcause not many shops sell ties. G200 was selling tie at $49 each!!! Seiyu was selling at $23.20 after 20% discount. So I bought it from Seiyu.

At 6.30pm, I had collected my flowers from the studio, 4 corsages and car ribbons for 4 cars.

1 medium bouquet of flowers for groom to bring to bride in the morning.
2 corsages were for me, in the morning and night.
the other 2 are meant for my father and since he is up there in heaven, I will give the 2 corsages to my fiancee’s parents.

My mother’s dress had a big flower. So, she doesn’t need.

Suddenly, I remembered I still need to give the hotel our bridal car-plate number. A few guests pulled out last minute due to some unforseen circumstances. I really hope that they can come.

To P: Not to worry that you can’t come. You can come to our gathering in one month’s time, ok? rest well.

To Q: If you are reading this, it shows that you are still concerned over Ju’s wedding and wantt o be updated. We still keep your seat open and hope you can come to attend our wedding. You mentioned you will be there for Ju and this is the most important time that she needs you. Eventually, the decision is yours to be made. Wedding management has caused some misunderstandings and we also don’t want things to turn out this way. Remember your seat is still kept for you…because you are Ju’s good friend. >.< I got to stop now as I need to go for a quick dinner. At 8pm, I would need to type my speech for tomorrow. Hope I won't blush or get too excited. I can do it... "a speech to thank everyone >.<

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