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Thank you to all

I’m grateful to all who have helped me or offering to help.

Last week, my aunty told me to let her know if I need any help. She told me to tell her immediately and don’t hesistate.

My lovely cousin, who is in Tokyo now, had helped me to negotiate with the hotel banquet coordinator (and she is disgusted by the staff who eventually left the hotel a few months later and we had a change of coordinator…:p) I’m a non-credit card person (don’t believe in it) and my cousin helped me paid the deposit and chauffeured me around.

My two best friends, S and Y bargained their way through when meeting up with the hotel staff and managed to squeeze out lots of freebies. They are smooth talkers. We (Ju and I ) felt the freebies are not that important; what is important is the friendship. My friends, at the end of the day, were very poilite and even apologised for not getting more for us…”it is ok.:D”

My colleagues…a wonderful bunch of people. You know who you are. T & C, epsecially to T who is always so patient with me and offer me a listening ear. C also sometimes asks how are things now and then. G, C and N also offered me advice, tips and ways to start my planning. G even offered to help me make my wedding cards inserts manually. SC always asks me what kind of help I need from her. CL (sigh…CL leaving soon and I’m starting to miss my so-called elder sister in my second home). CL always talk to me and offered me advice. Sigh..who can I really confide in (deeply) after she leaves? :_( My boss had been helpful in offering his wedding-planning documents, and lists of things to do.

My mom, especially, who supported me silently behind. I realised I talked less to her now and matters of discussion only revolved around wedding (which most of the times result in minor disagreements and she will always seal the conversation with “it is for my own good.” and I find myself really uptight when I talked to her…don’t know why. Maybe she is still treating me like a small boy and yet, my life stages are changing? How I wish I can communicate more comforatbly with her, just like last time?


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