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Are Singaporean Guys romantic?

Extracted post—>

“I wish that he will propose to me actually? But there is no flower, no sincere at all. All he does are we go register ok? But I want action? I do not want say say only?

That time on the bus he ask me whether can we go?register. There it goes?

Him: Lao po, we go register (Zhu Che) okie?
Her: okie arh, but this week I am not free?
Him: you mean next week you will be free?
Her: Should be lah? I got to confirm with you again. You want night cycling or day cycling?
Him: Erm?hmm.. nevermind.. (He beat his heart lightly – mumbling heart pain)

I?thought I heart rent bicycle (in chinese the pronounciation is also Zhu Che also but higher tone. Haha, it was because he got new bicycle at home. But I do not have so he thought of buying a new bicycle for me. Lol? but in the end I realised that I had misleading his meaning? But I told him that I want action.

Last week, I told him 25 dec is a good date. We can celebrate also. I also want flower flower round round? =\ But I?m not sure he understand or not. It?s actually flowers and ring. Sigh? I even mentioned that I am not sure whether that ?place? got open during christmas or not. But I think his brain is stone when comes?to relationship aka romance.

25 dec is a christmas day. It might consider a popular date and thus we got to apply it through online on 25 sept. But today is already 21st sept and still no action? Anyway, he might forget also. Yeah, he is a forgetful person. That is why I told him he need an PDA. In future I can even slot in one memo regarding about ?Remind myself to buy a 1k diamond bla bla for my lao po?. Wahahaha? Think too much. =\

Don?t ever ask me to propose to him. I am a woman after all. Ya ya ya, now what century already. But I am conservative when comes to who should initiate in proposing, no choice. >.< Yawnz? I go do my homework and projects liao? =| " ?Extracted from https://piyo.wordpress.com/2006/09/21/registry-of-marriage/

My Gift for my fiancee during our Proposal Day: https://romance-fire.com/2006/09/03/repost-proposal-day/

?Personal reflection: I have also heard similar encounters by my other female friends. All of them are waiting for their boyfriends to propose. But seem like their boyfriends are not ready to settle down or are in denial state?

My female friends are worried. “What if he doesn’t want to marry me?” I can sense the anxiety, worry and fear in them. Marriage is a BIG, no THE BIGGEST event in a woman’s life….all guys…please respect that!!! >.<

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