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Reality practice may be better than marital preparation course

Everyday, we learnt to give and take. Sometimes, she gives way to me. Sometimes, I give way to her. If none of us wants to, we sit together and come to a compromise.

Marital preparation course does teaches this, doesn’t it? We do actually practice it. Not a perfect score yet. I doubt we can get. But we will always try to improve ourselves and learn to properly communicate between us.

I remembered my friend told me that the wedding preparation course she attended is a waste of time. I feel the same way too, only if the couples don’t apply what they have learnt.

Many conflicts and disagreements started off from miscommunication and unaddressed expectations. “I expected you to know how I feel.” “I expected to read my mind.” “I expected you to really understand me.”

Hmmm…if many times, we don’t really understand ourselves as individual, how can another party understand you totally? It is not realistic.

I really hope all couples will communicate effectively and verbally share their expectations on each other…No guessing game…cos guesses are always wrong and they may bring more harm…have you come across this?

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