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Just collected our Wedding Rings

Finally, we have just gone to Lee Hwa at Wisma Atria to collect our Wedding Rings…the salesmen who attended us, Shawn and Keegan have exceptionally good customer service. they were patient and we were honored to have 2 staff attending to us thou we are not any big shot spender…

The rings had our names engraved free of charge and we have a free ring pillow (cost price about $50). Lee Hwa Destinee diamonds come with a certificate and we can exchange for another pair of a different design in the future say in 2 to?3 years’ time…but I doubt we will change this pair of rings….so much memory in?a few years’ time.

the rings come with a box (cost price about $10) and a ring-mircoscope so that ladies can look through it and enjoy and be fascinated by the fine sparkles in the diamond…>.< ?And Lee Hwa serves chinese tea...not bad la..and keep on refilling till you ask them "what brand? so nice to drink" ...kekeke......overall service rating i can give 8.5 upon 10 cos they are very detail to our needs and in their explanation of the rings. and they smiled at you and sent us to the exit...remember we took?2 hours to decide and the staff were standing on both legs waiting for us to decide which design we want... Learning point: Make friends with the staff and they will be extra nice to you…

more?posts on my buying of wedding experience


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