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My cousin’s wedding 2 years ago


For the benefit of overseas readers from UK all the way to USA, this is a version of Singapore’s wedding (Chinese wedding). It is about 8.30am.

?The Bridegroom will be refused entry by the Sisters?(“gate-keeprs”/ helpers of the birde) till he fulfilled a number of tasks; ranging in difficuulty levels. The tasks will be dependant on the brides-maids/ Sisters…Oh my, we guys’ fate?is in the?ladies’ hands??? :p

?As you see from here, the bridegroom will have his group of reinforcement behind him, whom we called “Brothers” -?normally made up of buddies or close male friends. Sorry…no ladies for Brothers…But I had an experience when the “Sisters” of the?bride is led by a guy. So, there is no hard and fuss rule that Brothers must be all guys and Sisters must be ladies.


Another blockade…:_(


Finally, found the bride

How was the wedding like in other countries? How as your own experience at weddings?Was it the same as my cousin’s?

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