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Finding Wedding Bands

domed_titanium_wedding_band.jpgYesterday, we went to hunt for our wedding bands. My friend offered to use her UOB credit card so that we can get a discount. The email sent to my?friend stated all the discounts such as 20% discount for a minimum purchase of 1000 dollars for many jewellery brands.

?When we went the first jewellery shop in Wisma Atria and showed the manager the printed email, he apologised that they are not informed about this. It really saddening to see why outlets were not informed of the tied-in dscount for using certain credit cards.

? However, the trainee was really patient to explain to us the difference between white-gold and platinum. He said that platinum is resistant to scratch but our rings will have dents after long wearing. Because it is soft for PT1000 meaning 100% pure platinum. For white gold, the top coat will wear off exposing the yellow color underneath. It is a Lee Hwa outlet and we were impressed by the honesty of the salesperson. Maybe he is new la.

?Second, we went to Goldheart. The sales girl was really sincere and warm but she overdid the attaching of love to the rings. What i meant was she kept on saying that price is not a concern but expensive rings can last longer resembling our love for each other. I remembered she said it 5 times. The first time was ok but eventually it became quite irritating and I simply ignored her. But she is very warm and she shared her experience of telling us to take it easy on seeing the rings and not made decision bluntly.

?The third stop was Soo Kee. The salesman was patient and nice. He was very patient with us as we were quite expert after going to 2 shops earlier on. We had our expectation and knew what we wanted. When we scanned the displays, we were disappointed and didnt see what we really wanted. Anyway, since we were inside the shop, we might as well sit longer and look at more rings and maybe we can see something we like.

platdiamondsm.jpgAll shops offered tea and the service was excellent. They are very patient. Altogether I think we have looked at over 30 pairs of rings in 3 shops. Everytime before we left each shop, they will take down the rings’ code number and the discounted price. The salesperson will also give us his or her name cards. Only last 2 shops bother to sketch the designs to aid us just in case we couldn’t remember the designs when we left the shops.

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    kee kee Says:

    the rings are so expensive…what is the difference btw white gold and platinum? hope iw ould get cheated….sigh..those salesperson may be just looking at the commission rather than service

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