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Hunt for Videographer and Photographer

Freelance photographers charge alot for their one day wedding photo-taking at least S$1000, not inclusive of video-taking and the montage. It will take up to another S$1000. Total: $2,000!!!
Oh my gosh!!!
Recently, a friend asks me how much do I have to actually spent for my wedding. She asked me is S$10, 000 enough?
My eyes almost popped out. I think another S$5,000 could just suffice for a simple wedding.
Now, let’s go through the expenditure (all these are estimations for easy calculations): S$4,000 for bridal package (some couples topped up to $10,000 just to print for photos for their albums), $5000 for bedroom renovation, $15,000 for house renovation, $2,000 for photo/video graphers, $3,000 deposit for hotels, (for 25 tables) $20,000 at $800 per table, $2,000 for wedding band, $4,000 for honey moon and another $5,000 standby for other important things which I’m not sure how much is it yet.
Would you want to take out your calculator and add up the sum? “Submit your answer”:p
Today, my fiancee will be meeting up with some freelance photographers recommended by her friends. One advice told to us is we must feel really comfortable working with him because he will be taking our photos. No chemistry equals to no good pictures!!! So…lets hope that we will get a good one soon!!!

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One Response to “Hunt for Videographer and Photographer”

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    debra Says:

    wow…beter start saving now!!! That is $66,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe can find a rich husband

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