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Our hunt for our preferred hotel

After spending the whole of a week looking through the forum in singaporebrides.com, we have short listed a few hotels that we like. Initially, we wanted a lunch buffet by the pool. The only hotel with good feedback and rating is Mercury Roxy Hotel. But my friends advised me of choosing indoor because of unpredictable weather in December. I can’t risk the weather for spoiling my BIG DAY!!!
The other hotel we went to was also a promising hotel by the riverfront. We were supposed to meet the coordinator on Sunday in the evening. When we went there, no one attended to us. We called the sales coordinator nut no one picked up the phone. We waited for 1 hour and yet couldn’t contact her. We were unhappy. 5 minutes later, the coordinator contacted us telling us she was on MC. Oh my!!! She explained she had asked another colleague of hers to attend to us. But the other colleague didn’t contact us. We also heard that the other colleague couldn’t find us at the lobby. She could have called us but she didn’t. What a lame excuse. The unwell coordinator was very apologetic and offered to buy us dinner so we could fix another appointment. We accepted not because of the free dinner but we really like the hotel.
It was our first visit to the a hotel and I could say we had an experience that brought us a mixture of feelings. 😕

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    momo Says:

    heehee… website so pink just like my new lolita dress:) is gd to keep a blog then can write down wat happened & then can recap them in future:)

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