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Reposting of some wedding photos

Hey, some of you may?be wondering why I repost some of the photos. I have just migrated my blog to this domain and some posts have been distorted. i don’t really know what happened in terms of technical aspect but I tried my best to repost cos some readers emailed me?to ask me what happened to those whitelink photos…so here you go…all whitelink photos contributed by my friend Eileen and Steven were categorised under their names. 🙂 Happy viewing!!!

Repost: Indoor Evening Gown Series (Part 5 of Steven & Eileen?s photo shoot)


Today, this wedding blog will be featuring the couple in the evening gown series. For ladies,

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Repost: Black & White Series (Part 2 of Steven & Eileen?s photo shoot)

As promised, I have added another 5 photo shots of this couple. This morning, I sms-ed Steven if I can upload more of his photos. He told me ?Upload all lor..?p? So wo3 bu4 ke4 qi3. :p

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Repost: ?Kua? Series (Part 3 of Steven & Eileen?s photo shoot)

Hmmm..for today, I shall post the ?kua? series as some of you sent me emails with concern how the Chinese ?kua? looks like. According to Chinese wedding custom, the bride has to wear ?kua? during the wedding. I think other brides prefer cheong sam. The kua is a red long-sleeve top with pictures of a dragon and a phoenix at the front of the ?kua?. (Hmmm..i just wonder will my friends become celebrity wedding couple after these few postings of show-casing their wedding shots??at least now everyday, at least 200 new people see them on this blog.. . :P .)

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Repost: Indoor Wedding Gown Series (Part 4 of Steven & Eileen?s photo shoot)


Today, I received an sms from a NUS friend telling me that my blog does bring back alot of fond memories when she was taking her wedding photographs. Glad that this blog, does not just bring resources to bride-to-be, but also bring back nostalgic feelings for married couples.

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