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Planning wedding in general

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No one says that wedding-planning is a smooth route. Generally, fulfilling tasks like booking the wedding venues or purchasing clothing and other wedding accessories are easy.

The challenging aspect is partnering with your love one to complete this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime task together.

There will be many times to test how much both of you support, communicate and understand each other.

There will be times when practices and customs from both families clash. There will be times when the bride and groom have to come to a compromise what they really want for their wedding, putting aside their ideal wedding in their mind?There will be times when stressors from work, family and wedding planning become too overwhelming for the couple to carry?

There may be feelings like joyfulness and pleasure when things are going well as planned. On the other hand, there may be other feelings such as anger and frustrations when couples feel that they may not be supported or understood why certain decisions have to be made because of traditional beliefs or because their parents say so.

For me, planning the wedding with my wife has its ups and downs too. Though challenging, I find it as an invaluable time to really better understand my wife and to really support her in terms of the decisions she made and the plans she had in mind.

I find it even more fulfilling when we went through the wedding day together?hand-in-hand?and living to the fullest the magical experience we had on our wedding day? >.< I really hope that this wedding-planning guide is really useful for you and I hereby wish you and your love one have a superb time of planning your wedding together.

– Jhong Ren

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