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Repost: Indoor Wedding Gown Series (Part 4 of Steven & Eileen?s photo shoot)


Today, I received an sms from a NUS friend telling me that my blog does bring back alot of fond memories when she was taking her wedding photographs. Glad that this blog, does not just bring resources to bride-to-be, but also bring back nostalgic feelings for married couples.

This post is the wedding gown series. Generally for guys, it is very simple to choose your suit as long as you are not too fussy. I remembered some of my guy friends don?t really like the suit that the bridal studio provides and ended up paying about S$400 for a HUGO BOSS suit. I think it is a waste of money but everybody has his own preference and I respect that.


As for my indoor shoot, our mouths were literally numbed after smiling for a few hours in front of the flashing camera. Our eyes were dazzled by the light. I find that the smile is more real if it comes from the heart. And the photographs could tell whether the bride and groom were comfortable with the photo-taking process.


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One Response to “Repost: Indoor Wedding Gown Series (Part 4 of Steven & Eileen?s photo shoot)”

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    Eileen Says:

    wow..Jhongren, thanks for publicising our pics leh. Feel like a star leh.. haha.. really thoughtful of u to create this blog. Hope u’ll enjoy the process of wedding preparation!

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