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Repost: Indoor Evening Gown Series 2 (Part 6 of Steven & Eileen?s photo shoot)

This is already part 6 of ES? series and there are still many more photos to show all of you. We are still at the evening gown series. I heard from Steven, how whitelink does it is there will be 2 days of photoshoot, 1 indoor and the other outdoor. Do check with your bridal studio what do they offer and how much you need to pay.?


As for mine, we completed the outdoor and indoor shots wiithin one day. It started at 9.30am and ended at 9.30pm within the same day, without any rest except break for lunch and dinner. Apart from this, is styling the hair for bride and groom and photoshoots. It is like never ending.


Steven and Eileen in their photoshoot. So pretty and handsome!


So cool look!!! It is not necessary to be smiling all the time?depends on the style of your photographer and personality of the couple and how they compliment each other.?


Today, one of my female friends told me Steven is very handsome and Eileeen looks like an actress in Mediacorp last time. Wow, so many compliments!!!

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