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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 6 – At The Regent Hotel, Singapore

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After a hectic morning, finally the newly wed could make their way to the hotel – Regent Hotel.

Time really flew past quickly and soon, it was time for lunch.

For my cousin, she had a wedding lunch for her family, relative and guests.

Wedding lunch is cheaper as the hotel charges are lower. And it is convenient for the guests in the sense it was just a short 3 hours lunch and normally lunch will end at abouot 3 plus to 4pm.

And most importantly, the newly-wed can rest after a busy day.

Wedding is very, very, very tiring!

You have run through the routines, make sure everything is in place and absolutely nothing goes wrong! Wow! So many things in the mind, especially the bride’s.

Even before the wedding lunch, there are 101 things to make sure they go right:
1. Who are the helpers at the reception table?
2. Do the helpers have the wedding guest list and their seating arrangements?
3. Will the wedding lunch start on time?
4. Have the helpers brought the CD with the march-in songs?
5. Is the wedding photographer here?
6. Has the projector been set up for the showing of the courtship video?
7. Many more that you probably couldn’t think of…

So, the tip of the day: make sure you have every detail of to-do things written down.

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