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Bride’s Wedding Present Number 5

I promised her that I will make the 5th wedding present for her.

Of course, I won’t show the photo of the whole wedding present. It is a surprise for her. >.< Hope she will like it.

Wedding PresentS for My Wife

I have already bought 3 wedding presents for my wife. I personally believe that wedding day is a very important occasion and we can’t miss out the exchange of presents.

In addition to the presents that I have bought, I’m intending to make some handicraft for my wife on her wedding day and so I will be rather busy these few days, not forgetting I have exam tomorrow. Oh gosh!!!

I have a rough plan in mind and it will be very consistent with what I have done for her since the courtship days.
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Lunch at the Japanese Restaurant and Purchase of wedding gift

Today, my fiancee invited us?lunch. It was a sumptuous and satisfying lunch with Japanese cuisine served. You get what I mean when?you see the photos we took.?


The Prok Belly that lterally melt in my mouth. For those who love fatty meat, it is a must to try.

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